Fall From Perfection


Fall from Perfection

Fall from Perfection are a UK female-led metal outfit based near Reading formed in 2015. The band has just self-released their debut full length album, Metamorph.

The band is stealthily making an impact with their original sound. Not your run-of-the-mill female-fronted metal band, the foursome use a simple formulation to great effect. If you like head-banging riffs and ‘can’t get it out of my head’ melodies, this band will provide in abundance, and with quality live performances up their sleeves and plenty of new material forthcoming, Fall from Perfection are set to go forth and conquer. From mellow to raging, dark and ugly to euphoric, emotion runs hard through the lyrics, set over a foundation of addictive melodies, metallic groove and contrasting sections.

Mary Day - Vocals


Mary grew up in the wilds of South West Wales playing various instruments including Violin and Piano, and singing in her bedroom where luckily no one could hear her. In her early teens she got her mits on a Whitesnake Greatest Hits album and everything got all loud and big. The Matrix soundtrack has a lot to answer for, introducing Rage Against the Machine, Marilyn Manson and of course, Rammstein. There are too many influences to mention so instead she wants to plug Volbeat, who are awesome.

Mary went to university in Southampton and works in the field of acoustics, which is not as interesting as it sounds, but pays for her unhealthy habit of buying books about nutrition. Bottom line, 10 years of unofficial research ala Day, eat protein and fat, you don't need carbs.

Favourite colour: Green

First album bought: Probably something like 'Dance Tip '95'  on cassette, or if I didn't buy that myself, maybe Prodigy - Music for the Jilted Generation

Favourite / most influential vocalists: Ronnie James Dio, Phil Anselmo, Freddie Mercury, Justin Hawkins, Ann Wilson 

#1 pet peeve: Things stuck in your teeth

Interesting fact: Never broken a bone (touch wood)

Tim Spurr - Guitars


Ever since school, Tim has been making ears bleed with delight as a guitarist in active bands. From the Cyber-Metal approach of Pain Control, to the Death/Thrash force of Descent and the HardRock/Metal mix of Neverify, Tim has proven his abilities and experience on the circuit.

Over the years, Tim’s sound, ability and waistline have naturally grown, not least from those times sharing a stage with the likes of Napalm Death, Suffocation, Dimension Zero, Onslaught, Akercocke, Dream Evil, Death Angel, Bolt Thrower and Black Dahlia Murder.

Tim sells cool stuff for a living and has a well cute little boy. He straightens his hair for special occasions and always brings flapjacks to rehearsals. Fact.

Favourite colour: Transparent (for PhotoShop fun).

First album bought: Probably Prisoners in Paradise by Europe

Favourite / most influential guitarist(s): Dimebag, Slash, Zakk Wylde and so many others

#1 pet peeve: People smoking around children

Interesting fact: My son is named after Layne Staley

Les Plumridge - Bass


Les left school without a clue what he wanted to do with his life, so one day decided to buy himself a cheap, shitty guitar and teach himself how to play. After about a year his interests expanded to bass, so one day decided to buy himself a cheap, shitty bass and teach himself how to play that too. Over the years he’s played guitar and bass in numerous bands (though not simultaneously), as well as a bit of drums here and there for good measure. When he’s not busy pounding out basslines with Fall from Perfection, he can often be found working in the videogames industry by day, and making music, reading, running or playing videogames by night (just don’t ask him about Minecraft… unless you like long, geeky Minecraft chat).

Favourite colour: Black (technically an absence of colour, but I still like it)

First single bought: Genuinely can’t remember, but it was probably crap.

Favourite / most influential bass player: Cliff Burton (Metallica, 1982-1986)

#1 pet peeve: People who fill the otherwise quiet air with words of little value.

Interesting fact: Also likes archery and makes his own arrows.


Nuno Ramalho - Drums


Nuno was born in Germany and grew up in Portugal. He started playing drums aged 15, and soon joined to a band called Tomb Of Gods sharing the stage with local bands and others such as Sacred Sin and Tarantula. Nuno also played in function bands in Portugal, but in 2009 he decided move to England. After playing with Black Swan Empire for a while he started looking for a metal band, where he really belonged. The longest surviving member of this group he     gets         the             job             DONE!

Nuno has about 5 jobs, likes going to the gym, and has no hair.

Favourite colour: Black

First album bought: Helloween - Live in U.K. (vinyl album)

Favourite / most influential drummer: John Bonham

#1 pet peeve:  When someone judges you by the way you look or dress

Interesting fact: I actually like British weather