Fall From Perfection



by Fall from Perfection

Released 2016
Released 2016
Fall From Perfection is a UK-based melodic groove metal band. Featuring modern heaviness with a clean female-vocal approach, Metamorph is a well-produced, cleverly written, catchy and impressive debut album.

Fall from Perfection are a UK female-led metal outfit based near Reading, UK, formed in 2015.
The band is stealthily making an impact with their original sound. Not your run-of-the-mill female-fronted metal band, the foursome use a simple formulation to great effect.
If you like head-banging riffs and ‘can’t get it out of my head’ melodies, this band will provide in abundance, and with quality live performances up their sleeves and plenty of new material forthcoming, Fall from Perfection are set to go forth and conquer.
From mellow to raging, dark and ugly to euphoric, emotion runs hard through the lyrics, set over a foundation of addictive melodies, metallic groove and contrasting sections.